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Videotape to DVD for Viewing on Your DVD Player
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, BETAMAX, 8mm Video, Hi8mm Video, Digital 8mm, MiniDV, MicroMV to DVD
Up to 2 hours; 5 minutes $29.95/tape
Combining Several Videotapes Onto One DVD
Two or more videotapes onto one DVD. Does not apply to Professional Videotape to DVD.
Up to 2 hours; 5 minutes $19.95/Additional tape
Professional Videotape to DVD
Reel to Reel Videotape, 3/4 Inch (Umatic), BETACAM SP, DVCPro
One tape per DVD $74.95/tape
Videotape to .avi (DVD-R data disc) for Editing on Your PC
Each disc will hold approximately 18 minutes of .avi video that can be edited on your PC.
Includes DVD-R data disc
$40.00 minumum
Up to 40 minutes $40.00 Minimum Charge
Videotape to .avi (External Hard Drive Extra) for Editing on Your PC
.avi to Hard Drive (see pricing for Hard Drives) $0.50/minute
Up to 85 minutes $42.50

Additional Services

To further enhance your photo transfer, Tailor-Made Transfers offers the following services at an additional charge:

Video Capture For PC Editing to DVD-R
Includes: Conversion to .avi, DVD-R media & Plastic Storage Case
Videotape to .avi type file saved to DVD-R
One DVD-R will hold approximately 18 minutes of .avi video
$40.00/1st 1/2 hour
Videotape to .avi type file saved to DVD-R
Each additonal minute
Video Capture For PC Editing to External Hard Drive
Videotape to .avi type file saved to Hard Drive
Up to two Hour Plus the price of a hard drive
Videotape to .avi type file saved to Hard Drive
Each Additional minute
DVD of video transfer at time of .avi files
Up to 2 hours
Hard Drive
All Hard Drives come with a 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty and supports USB.
1 Terabyte Hard Drive
Store up to 70 hours of .avi video
$120.00/1 TB
2 Terabyte Hard Drive
Store up to 140 hours of .avi video
$140.00/2 TB
Video Editing
Up to 30 minutes of editing
Includes up to 30 minutes of editing and Conversion to DVD
$59.95/first 1/2 hour
Each additional hour of editing
Based on 30 minute increments
Audio Tape
Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel Audio Tape, Micro Cassette, LP Records, or 8-Track Converted to Audio CD.
Audio Tape to CD
Includes: Editing Blank sections longer than one minute; Enhancement: Remove background noise as much as possible.
$40.00/1/2 hour of Audio
Picture (.bmp) From Video
We can freeze a video image and capture a digital image to make prints or share on the web. Please note that video is low resolution compared to photographs or slide scans, and will not produce high quality prints.
.bmp From Video Setup
$25.00 setup Charge + $5.00 per image
.bmp From Video $5.00/image
DVD Duplication
Includes: DVD-R media tested for quality; Custom Imprint: up to two lines of text, 24 characters and/or spaces per line, and Storage Case
1 Copy $14.95/copy
2 to 9 copies $12.95/copy
10 to 20 copies $10.50/copy
Dual Layer DVD Duplicate $30.00/copy
MiniDVD-RAM Disc to DVD
Combine your MiniDVD-RAM dics to DVD.
RAM Disc to DVD-R - 1st disc $44.95/1st disc
RAM Disc to DVD-R - Each additional disc
Total time can not exceed 2 hours
Foreign Videotape Standards Conversions to DVD
Foreign Videotape to U.S. (NTSC) DVD
Foreign Videotape to U.S. DVD
VHS (PAL/SECAM), 8mm, Hi8mm, MiniDV (PAL only) to (NTSC) DVD
U.S. Videotape to Foreign (PAL) DVD $54.95/tape
Additional Disc Needed if video runs over 2 hours $39.95/Additional 2 hours
DVD Authoring
You can pick up to 10 custom Chapter points so that you can skip to exactly the point on your DVD that you want to see. Additional chapter points are available @ $4.00 per Chapter point.
Custom Chapter Points
Up to 10
Each Additional Chapter Point $4.00/Chapter
Add Titles for Videotape to DVD
Title Editing for Videotape to DVD $15.00/title
Videotape Repair
VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8mm, Digi8mm
Repaired and copied to DVD $49.95/tape

Preparing Your Videotapes for Transfer

  1. Label each tape and number them. We will keep them in the correct order.
  2. Don't Forget to Order Extra Copies
    • Store your master and watch the copy.
    • Copies make great gifts.
    • Share the cost with family and have copies for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding your videotape transfer, please call us at 215-672-5126.

FAQs About Your Videotape Transfer

  • How will the DVD work?
    Place your DVD in your DVD player and close the drawer. A Menu will appear with Thumbnail Images for your to navigate. To skip from one chapter point to another, simply hit the NEXT or BACK button on your DVD remote control. With the durability of DVD, you can freeze-frame, fast forward, reverse, and view at variable speeds without fear of damaging your DVD.
  • Will my DVD play on my DVD player?
    DVD-R disks are used for transferring your images to DVD. In order to take advantage of this technology, your DVD player MUST be compatible with DVD-R. 99% of DVD players manufactured in the past three years will play your DVD transfer. Please check your DVD player manual for compatibility or contact the manufacturer.
  • What is DVD-R?
    DVD-R is a disk onto which information (your video) can be written. Think of it as the same type of CD-R you may use to copy music files on your computer, however, the DVD-R can hold much more data.
  • Can I add more video to my DVD later?
    Sorry, once a DVD-R is "burned," it is no longer editable or appendable.
  • I have an editing program on my PC, can I edit the files on the DVD?
    The files on your completed DVD are not editable. If you want editable files you may want to consider having us transfer your film and/or videotape to .avi (most popular) or another type of video file. We can accomidate whatever editing needs you may have.



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