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Photo Transfer Pricing

Service Price
Archive Photo Service 2x3 in. up to 8x10 in.
Up to 80 Photos $80.00
81 to 1000 Photos $1.00/photo
1001 Photos and Over $0.95/photo
Archive Photo Service Larger than 8x10 in. (up to 12x15 in.) $14.00/photo


Custom Photo Production Up To 8x10in. (Photos to music DVD)
Photos will be scanned and put to music of your choice. Minimum price per order $88

Up to 36 Photos $88.00
36 Photos and Over $2.50/Photo
Custom Photo Production Over 8x10in. (up to 12x15 in.)
Up to 4 Photos $60.00
7 Photos and Up $15.00/Photo
Backup CD with .jpg files $9.95

What's Included with Your Photo Transfer


Digital High Resolution Scan

In order to obtain the best possible quality of the photos to be included in your production, we scan each photo individually. Although time consuming, the quality is well worth it. Colors corrected and ragged edges cropped when possible.

Opening or Closing Title on Video

One title to either introduce your video production or a special message at the conclusion.

Special Effects

Smooth transitions and professional special effects will complement your music selections.

FREE Background Music

We will add background music to the entire length of the transfer. This can be from our library of family-oriented, easy listening music or you can provide your own selection on CDs to bring your photos to life. See our additional services for supplying your own audio or custom audio to your transfer.


Preparing Your Photos for Transfer

  1. Number Your Photos
    • Number all photos in the order that you want them to appear in your transfer. Each photo should be numbered on the back using pencil on an adhesive label if possible. DO NOT use "Post-It Notes" as they often fall off and could delay your order. If you are writing directly on the back of the photo and you omit or misnumber a photo, add a letter to the number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 3a, 4, etc.).
    • When numbering your photos, please underline the numbers 6 and 9. DO NOT use ink or marker on the back of your photos as it can damage the photo behind it.
    • Unnumbered photos will be charged 3 cents each additional for us to number them.
  2. Select an Opening or Closing Title for Your Transfer (If going to DVD)
    "The Smith Family Memories", "The Adventures of the Wells Family", "The Johnsons" are a few suggestions. If a title is not desired, please indicate NO TITLE on the order form. Otherwise, we will begin your production with the title of "Memories."
  3. Background Music
    Our easy listening music or customized background music is provided free of charge for photo to videotape orders at the time of transfer. We suggest you provide your own music on CDs for added sentimental value.
  4. Don't Forget to Order Extra Copies
    • Store your master and watch the copy.
    • Copies make great gifts.
    • Share the cost with family and have copies for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding your photo transfer, please call us at 215-672-5126.

FAQs About Your Photo Transfer

  • How many images can I fit on a 2-hour DVD?
    Approximately 1,000 images appearing on screen for 7 seconds each. There will also be a 1 second fade between each image.
  • What will I get back from my Photo Transfer?
    When your transfer is completed, all of your photos will be returned. Your transfer will be on a DVD-R with your custom title imprinted on the DVD if requested and a disc with all of your photos saved as .jpg files.
  • Can I have my pictures last for the length of a song?
    Yes. If you know the length of the song, you can figure how many pictures you need to span the entire song if they are shown at 7 seconds each.
  • Can I have extra titles through out my transfer?
    Yes. See additional services for details.
  • Can I have extra copies made for my family?
    Yes. See additional services for details.
  • Will my DVD play on my DVD player?
    DVD-R disks are used for transferring your images to DVD. In order to take advantage of this technology, your DVD player MUST be compatible with DVD-R. 99% of DVD players manufactured in the past two years will play your DVD transfer. Please check your DVD player manual for compatibility or contact the manufacturer.
  • What is DVD-R?
    DVD-R is a disk onto which information (your video) can be written. Think of it as the same type of CD-R you may use to copy music files on your computer, however, the DVD-R can hold much more data.



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