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New Film Scanning Technology

Now Scanning film to wide-screen, High Definition Blu-ray or to high quality Standard Definition DVD


We are pleased to announce the addition of the latest movie film transfer technology, FlashscanHD film scanning. This new, innovative technology has elevated the transfer of 8mm home movie film to the High Definition digital world.

FlashscanHD provides sprocket-less scanning, laser splice, and picture steadiness correction, which greatly reduces picture skipping that can occur with old film that may have damaged sprockets. In addition to our normal hand cleaning of all movie film, the FlashscanHD utilizes "Particle Transfer Rollers" that provide additional cleaning. A 3-chip camera captures a complete frame of film at any transport speed, then outputs at 1080I or 720p HD.

You have the option of having your old home movie film transferred to wide-screen, High Definition Blu-ray or to high quality Standard Definition DVD.

Standard Definition and High Definition files are also available in editable formats such as .avi, QuickTime and .mpg to Hard Drive.

As advanced as this new technology is, there is still no film transfer system that can automatically provide lighting adjustments and color corrections to actually improve the images. That is why we include
the extra stage of manual scene by scene, lighting and color corrections by experienced editors after the film has been digitally captured in our post productions stage of the transfer.

Even Better News: Home movie film transfers using this new technology will not involve any price increase.

Questions? Call Barb 215-672-5126

Pricing - click here.





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